The Terminal…the Korean way!

4 Jul
One of the world's best international airports
Like Tom Hanks role in “The Terminal,” I am also stuck here for some time before heading off to the motherland.

Korea is such a beautiful country!  The first time I came to Korea was on a study abroad sponsored trip from my undergrad university.  Staying there for 1 month and a half provided me with the opportunity to explore, step beyond my comfort zone, and attempt to become a local among the natives there.  I remember its rich beautiful and colorful culture, full of traditions, great pride, excellent service and “cutesy” things.  The country’s landscape is breath-taking when one steps out of the main city, Seoul. 

Arriving in Korea at 3:45 am was a dissapointment however.  My flight leaves at 10:05 am and I am stuck here, with nothing to do really, but mooch off a internet cafe’s free internet.  Fortunately the worker here hasn’t minded at all.  Moreover, Incheon International Airport was voted as one of the best airports in the world, so this definitely is a blessing!  As you can see from the image, the airport is clean, beautiful and uniquely designed.  I also bought myself some neat ear phones with cute smiley faces from some Duty Free shop, where I got a 1 dollar discount.  YES!

Cute ear phones for my musical pleasure!

These headphones were necessary since my old Apple ones kept falling off my ears during the flight as I tried to be lullabyed by Alicia Keys.  It is intoxicating stepping my feet back onto this turf as it was only 6 years ago when I last landed into this familiar land.  It is too bad their restaurants are closed, because I still remember the 14 lbs I took back to the states when I was finished with my program.  A highlight of the day was Korean Airs bibimbap!  It definitely hit my palate, in a very very good way, and the amazing service!  Why aren’t American services like this?  Either way, I patiently await for their restaurants to open so I can once again, pig out.

In the meantime, I do plan on posting videos, photos, and updating my blog so all can experience the same experience I am going through.  I dearly miss everyone and thank you for being a part of this journey!

Annyong chien goo!


2 Responses to “The Terminal…the Korean way!”

  1. Ann Carey July 4, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    You are on my mind and heart. Love you!

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