Shocking Views and unique culture

15 Aug

People in the country side of Vietnam sure wake up early.  Around 4-5 am people are up working out, setting up shop, having their coffee, or simply “yelling” at each other.  Okay, maybe not yelling at each other per se, but they sure speak in really high voices.  I’ve had such a hard time resting in my rented room with the couple I am renting from since I hear them wake up and speak to one another every morning.  Definitely doesn’t fit well considering I am a night owl.  Besides the lack of rest, things in Kon Tum have picked up quickly.

My first week in Kon Tum was amazing.  The weather has been refreshing, breezy, extremely rainy (Monsoon season), yet bright and sunny when its a clear day.  Upon my arrival here, I was greeted by a breath taking view of clouds covering the mountains and a view of the Dakbla River.  How exciting, as I admit, I love nature.  My co-worker Chi Ngoc helped me get situated here and one of my big purchases was the necessary transportation, a bike.  Within our first week, her and I went ahead and rode around Kon Tum together with our bike, pressing forward up hills and down hills with either one of us in the back.  It was sure a lot of fun and we had many laughs as well as great views.  We rode along other motorbikes, cars, cattle and dogs, as we attempted to prevent ourselves from being mauled by either of these and dodge any lurking blood-sucking mosquitoes.  I have an average of 2-3 bites per day, this has certainly affected my quality of life (QOLS) her in Vietnam.

A beautiful bike ride near the Dakbla River

I finally settled in near the Center for Social Disease Prevention in Kon Tum and approximately a 4 minute walking distance, I arrive there easily, without any Vietnamese spectators as well as time for the rain to soak me completely.  My schedule has been relatively hectic.  Our pilot program ChildSight to provide vision care services such as visual acuity test, refractive error and supply of prescription glasses to students in Kon Tum didn’t have an established monitoring and evaluation form, as a result I am to create all of it.  This took my program planning group a couple of months to create and I am expected to create this in a couple of weeks.  I recently was able to get a draft out and it has burned me out completely.  Thinking sure takes up a lot of energy.

Chi Ngoc riding the bike through Dakbla.

Now I wait for edits and will be going into the schools to do observations and monitoring of students, teachers and parents.  This is going to be a busy summer for me.  Will write more soon.

Two friends having a good time.



One Response to “Shocking Views and unique culture”

  1. Audrey August 22, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    The sky looks so clear and bright! What an amazing backdrop for your work.

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